We live in a time when social networks allow everyone to participate and share like never before. We can all instantly see what others are doing, be attentive to the markets and get ideas about everything we need or what we want. It’s almost impossible to imagine a time when the Internet was not part of people’s lives; If you are old enough to survive this moment, you will appreciate the impact it has had, but for the younger generation this is the real world, and everything has always been like that.

If you have a small business at home and you want to make the most of your social networks, it’s easy to register and have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but it’s surprising that many of us don’t use them properly, especially when it comes to business owners. One of the most important aspects of social networks is linking your social network accounts, this ensures that when you publish, not only publish on the site, but publish to all of them at the same time, ensuring maximum coverage. It is reported that on Instagram the level of participation is 15 times higher than on Facebook, which means that small businesses and work at home should make the most of every use.

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Instagram works very quickly with users who have thousands, if not more, subscribers at the same time, you only have a certain time to influence, so keep the videos short, but the main thing. Regardless of what your business provides or provides, give your audience what they want, there is no one who understands your business, like you, clings to the idea and publishes images that interest their followers and support their participation.

Always watch your market and what interests you the most, often look at the photos and videos you published, as well as the reaction you gave them, and focus on the most popular ones. Always be consistent and publish regularly, start getting subscribers and see how bot like instagram can help start your business and keep it in the spotlight.

In conclusion

If you have a home business or plan to start a business, always use social networks as a platform, as well as your website and blog pages to launch your products. Share images on Instagram and be consistent and loyal to your brand, it will allow you to quickly get your product or service and get loyal subscribers.