Smartphones have been in existence for quite some time and they are getting smarter still. Smartphones now are a whole lot more technical than the mobile devices we had 20 years ago. Mobile phone companies still come up with new versions of the smartphone that has been integrated into our society so soon. Samsung Galaxy, for example, has come up with a whole new kind of smartphone: the Galaxy Fold. You can read honest reviews of Samsung here. And we will tell you something about this new Galaxy Fold with which we might enter a new age.

The Look of the Galaxy Fold
As you probably understand from the name alone, the Galaxy Fold is a device that can be folded. It’s different from the folded mobile phones from the old days because it’s the display that can be folded and not just the part where the buttons are. Samsung claims that they change not just the smartphone; they change the entire future.

Usage of the Galaxy Fold
The device can be used as a smartphone or a tablet. There is a “normal” display. Samsung calls this a Cover Display. With this display you can use the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the same way as you would use any other smartphone. The device can be opened like a book and then the tablet mode is activated. That way, you can make use of a 7.3-inch display. The tablet mode enables you to view your video’s, games and apps on a larger screen. When you’re right in front of the screen, the two halves of the display become one.

Software of the Galaxy Fold
The device works via the new Android 9.0 (Pie), but Samsung also added their own One-UI-Interface. This interface makes it able to switch easily between smartphone mode and tablet mode. The software enables you to run three apps on a row. There is a multitask option to present to offer you that option.

Camera of the Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold makes use of six different cameras to create your photo’s. Three of these cameras can be found on the back of the mobile phone and three on the front. The ones on the front can be used to make selfies and make self-portraits via one of their apps. There is a primary lens that brings objects closer to you without loss of quality. Even when the phone is folded, you can still make pictures.

Galaxy FoldBattery of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung knows that the display of a device is often the part of your mobile phone that used up most of your battery. Therefore, they equipped the device with a 4380 mAh battery. Because of this battery, Samsung states, the device will last for a whole day before you have to charge your smartphone again.

Do you think this new foldable smartphone will cause a revolution in mobile phone technology? Soon, when the device is released, we will be able to find out how far the manufacturer of this device has been able to go.