Elevate your smartphone photography skills by delving into the realm of creative perspectives. smartphone photography course aims to empower enthusiasts with the knowledge and techniques to capture extraordinary images through unconventional angles. From unique vantage points to experimental compositions, discover how to turn everyday scenes into captivating visual narratives using only your smartphone.

Module 1: Understanding Perspective in Photography:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Perspective

Explore the fundamental concepts of perspective and its role in shaping the viewer’s perception of an image.

Lesson 2: Types of Perspectives

Dive into different types of perspectives, including linear perspective, aerial perspective, and subjective perspective, to understand their impact on composition.

Module 2: Unconventional Vantage Points:

Lesson 1: Low-Angle Photography

Master the art of shooting from a low angle to add drama, depth, and a fresh perspective to your photos.

Lesson 2: High-Angle Photography

Learn the techniques of capturing images from a high angle, providing a unique viewpoint and altering the viewer’s perspective.

Module 3: Embracing Experimental Compositions:

smartphone photography course

Lesson 1: Rule of Thirds Reinvented

Explore creative variations of the rule of thirds, breaking traditional compositional norms to add intrigue and dynamism.

Lesson 2: Framing and Layering

Discover how framing and layering can enhance storytelling in your images, creating a visual narrative that goes beyond the ordinary.

Module 4: Mastering Reflections and Shadows:

Lesson 1: Creative Use of Reflections

Delve into the world of reflections, mastering techniques to incorporate reflections creatively in your smartphone photography.

Lesson 2: Playing with Shadows

Understand the artistic potential of shadows and how to use them as integral elements in your compositions.

Module 5: Breaking the Mould: Abstract Photography:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Abstract Photography

Explore the world of abstract photography, breaking away from literal representations to create visually engaging and thought-provoking images.

Lesson 2: Experimental Techniques for Abstract Photography

Learn experimental techniques such as intentional camera movement, multiple exposures, and long exposures to craft abstract masterpieces with your smartphone.

Module 6: Incorporating Movement and Action:

Lesson 1: Capturing Motion

Unleash the power of motion in your photos by mastering techniques like panning and freezing to convey a sense of dynamism.

Lesson 2: Action Photography with Smartphones

Explore ways to capture fast-paced action and create visually striking images that tell a story of movement and energy.


By the end of this photography course skillsfuture, participants will have expanded their creative horizons, transforming mundane scenes into visually compelling stories. Armed with a newfound understanding of perspective, unconventional vantage points, and experimental compositions, you’ll be equipped to take your smartphone photography to a level that captivates and intrigues your audience.