Suffice it to say that things can often get really hot and heavy in a party bus, and when you find someone that you feel really attracted to and realize that they feel the same way about you, there is a pretty high likelihood that the two of you would want to get it on. The only problem with this is that since you are both under the influence of alcohol as well as the overall kind of vibe that these party buses tend to adhere to, you might not be thinking as sensibly as you should.

This would potentially result in you not using protection. You might be thinking that if you don’t use protection in a Party Bus in LA the end result would be a really major problem that you would never get the chance to solve, but in spite of the fact that this is the case there is a way for you to preempt this at the end of the day. It is important to note that if you start taking birth control pills about a week or so before your party bus ride, this would result in any accidents becoming completely impossible and therefore a real non-issue for you.

Taking birth control is amazing since it would result in you not having to wear protection at all, so even if you forget to do it you would at the very least not have to worry about pregnancy occurring. Just make sure that you take these pills regularly otherwise they would not end up being all that effective and you would regret the fact that you weren’t more careful in the long run.