Mezcal is an alcoholic drink (distilled) or beverage. It is made from different varieties of agave. The word mezcal derives from “Nahuati Mexcalle” which means “oven-cooked agave”. Mezcal has a mild mixture of sweet, fruity, earthy, and smoky flavors. It has 40-55% alcohol by volume. Its color may vary from white to golden.

Mezcal taste depends on the variety of agave used to make it. There is a total of 30 species of agave used in the making of agave. You can find a variety of mezcal singapore, which can please your taste buds.

Varieties Of Mezcal Agaves

  • Tepeztate: This variety of mezcal takes up to 30 days to reach maturity, and this makes it coveted and versatile.
  • Tobaziche: From this, you can make a great variety of mezcal in unique flavors. It has a savory and botanical type flavor.
  • Espadín: The most common variety of agave is espadín, which is a relative of blue agave.
  • Tobla: The mezcal of this variety of agave has a fruity and dynamic flavor. It is also called the ‘King of Mezcals’.
  • Arrequeno: This is the most common type of mezcal agave in the United States. Its taste varies from herbal to spicy.

Classification Of Mezcal

  • Mezcal Artesanal: The cooking of this type of mezcal takes place in pit ovens traditionally. But in this modern time, copper utensils are used for distillation.
  • Mezcal Ancestral: For this, clay pots that are fueled with fire are used for the distillation of spirit.

Mezcal in Singapore

Mezcal can be consumed by mixing it with fruits or spices. The main difference between mezcal and tequila is that tequila is made from blue agave only. Bur mezcal is made from a variety of agaves. Now take a look at the type of mezcal you can find in Singapore easily.

  • Joven
  • Ajeno
  • Reposado
  • Espadín
  • Tobala
  • Tepextate