When it comes to losing weight, snacking and overeating are the two most prominent obstacles that almost everyone faces. Controlling cravings and hunger takes work. That is where hunger suppressants come into the image.

over the counter appetite suppressant will work to support you in losing weight in a few ways. For example, some products build appetite-suppressing hormones, some reduce cravings, and some even allow you to burn fat with a higher metabolic rate.

These appetite supplements can help you lose weight by making you feel fuller and stopping your lust for excess food.

Top Over The Counter Appetite Suppressants 2022

  •  PhenGold: Best over-the-counter appetite suppressant for preventing hunger cravings
  •  LeanBean: Top caffeine-free appetite suppressant
  • Trimtone: Best metabolism-enhancing appetite suppressant and metabolism booster
  • PhenQ: Best appetite suppressant for men and women
  • Phen24 – Best for hunger resistor and overweight burning

How Do Appetite Suppressants Work For Weight Loss? 

There are mainly three different methods of appetite suppressants to help with weight loss: 1. Some appetite suppressants have a large amount of fiber, usually from glucomannan or nopal, which may fill up space in your stomach and make you feel fuller after eating a small amount of food.

  1. Other appetite suppressants stimulate the adrenal gland in your brain and block your brain from sending hunger signals to your body. Automatically, When your body doesn’t receive those alerts, you do not feel hungry, and for obvious reasons, you do not eat.
  1. maximum types of appetite suppressants affect your serotonin levels. Serotonin hormone is your “feel-good” hormone, and when it is heightened, it fools your brain and forces you to think that you are full.

How We Picked The Best Appetite Suppressants On The Market?

In the market, there are multiple appetite suppressants available. You can compare various metrics between every appetite suppressant supplement before deciding on your top picks. Here are a few criteria that you need to compare

  1. How does the company achieve its ingredients, raw materials, etc
  2. The brand has to concede with FDA policies.
  3. The ingredients were 100% naturally persuasive.
  4. The company must send its products to third-party labs for testing and share authentic lab reports on the website for customers’ viewing.
  5.  The company must list the user instructions, dosage, etc., on product labels and the online product descriptions.
  6. The brand offers verified details concerning how appetite suppressants work.
  7. The brand also mentions the benefits of suppressants.


Appetite suppressants clubbed with a healthy lifestyle and exercise can get about a 3% to 9% drop in body fat. These transformations are observable within 12 months of consumption. However, you must maintain a strict diet and regular sleep-wake pattern to notice these changes. Besides this, you should consult a doctor to know if it is safe for you. These appetite suppressants cannot reduce your weight magically. However, these appetite suppressants quickly yet naturally boost your body’s calorie-burning ability.