We are a Singapore-based acrylic display provider founded in 1999 by a team of experienced experts, and we offer a wide selection of plastic display goods. To suit the demands of any person or company, our services are based on successful years of experience. C & A Era is the first Singapore company to use laser cutting technology for our customers. Our acrylic singapore products may now be purchased through our Singapore online store.

In Singapore, we have a wide range of plastic products for sale.

Acrylic Products made by us

Since gaining the confidence of new and current consumers is critical to our business, we make every effort to establish a solid reputation among our target demographic. Companies may customize acrylic cosmetic counters to meet their unique branding requirements. Other products include trophies, plaques, dessert holders, and personalized poster frames.

At C & A Era, we can build dynamic plastic displays in any style for a wide range of enterprises in Singapore. To support your internal and external engagement efforts, you may collaborate with us if you seek a Singapore-based acrylic display supplier that can deliver long-lasting plastic items.

Customers throughout Asia, Germany, and the Middle East can rely on us to provide high-quality products. We have assisted numerous organizations across the globe to create and build unique acrylic goods, and we have worked hard to be a devoted plastic display supplier worldwide. Some of these companies have employed our fabrication services: