About stratus building solutions

Stratus building solutions is a multi-disciplinary service organization that provides ample opportunities to service, namely health care cleaning services, co-working hybrid offices, car dealerships, gyms, veterinary offices, schools, colleges, etc. Let us see how Stratus building solutions provide the best answers for healthcare cleaning services.

Healthcare cleaning services


Stratus cleaning services provide the best beddings, benchings for hospitals. They take care of cotton to mortuary cleaning services. They are the best in the town.   They even provide the best precautionary procedures on hospital premises.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning offers the best cleaning services in the hospital premises and provides the safest precautionary measures to the clients. Stratus building solutions help to take care of specialized clinics and other non-governmental agencies. The status of the facilities provided make this as the best and cleaning up services of all time. As good hygiene is provided at Stratus Building Solutions, hospitals take the tension out of cleaning and maintain the equipment with care.

Sanitizing hospital premises

As hospitals use blood samples, open surgeries, knives, pinafores, etc., just cleaning the floor is not enough. One should completely sanitize the flooring using Dettol and other bacterial-resistant cleaning agents. This will help to keep germs away from infecting the patients and doctors. Hence Stratus building solutions are the best healthcare cleaning services in Cleveland.

Trained personnel

People who are involved in the cleaning activity ensure it happens on the right note. To validate this, the personnel employed through Stratum building services go through a rigorous training activity where they ensure all the listed below checkpoints.

  • Experienced operation in disinfecting hospitals.
  • Study on blood pathogens and ways to eradicate them.
  • Training to use HEPA vacuums and Ultraviolet sanitizing techniques.
  • Knowing hazardous chemical lists and ensuring hazardous chemicals are not spread around.

Negotiable prices

Stratum building services provide prices for hospitals and other health centers as per the area that needs to be covered around. The prices are negotiable, and services are all guaranteed.


We live today because of hospitals. Ensure that hospitals are safe and clean by leaving hospitals to the best healthcare cleaning services in Cleveland like stratus building solutions.