Those are the special occasions when we welcome new life and yet we invariably feel confused on how to welcome the newborn. Well, a little bit of thoughtfulness from us can make an impact on how the newborn spends his initial days of struggling in this new environment. All you need is a carefully curated new born baby hamper singapore to save the day for the kiddie.

Things to remember while buying a newborn hamper

It is not a birthday gift where you can correct the next one if this year’s gift is not appropriate. It comes once in a lifetime and a perfect gift to the newborn will not only impress the new parents but also will save you from the embarrassment of a useless gift. So, here are some tips for you to remember before you indulge yourself in shopping for the big occasion.

  • Know who is on the receiving end–ofcourse, the gifts differ from boys to girls. You cannot gift the pink set to a baby boy! Also, it is very essential to know about the new mommy’s likes and dislikes before assorting the items.
  • Add a treat to the new mum and dad – a bouquet would do but don’t forget to remind them of how much you acknowledge the hardship they are going through.

Congratulate the new mum and dad with a fine set of a newborn baby hamper and be a part of the joyous occasion.