In general, a boy or girl is comfortable with the glass, because during the studies he wears the glass and the teacher even calls him as glass. The boy is not mistaking anyone who calls him glass. The reason is, he is used with the glass very much. Now, the same boy is selected in the sports team and everyone without glass, this boy would be looking different. At the same time, it is a risk for him to play the hockey with the glass, anytime the ball may hit the glass and the glass pieces can go into the eyes and it would be big problem for him. At this moment, the boy may not be interested to join the sport team to play; now he could join the hockey team and play all the matches. The reason is the contact lenses enable him to play all the games.

Use and throw culture is becoming more and more popular in the fast moving Singapore. It may include ball pen to cars of cheap rates.  Instead of buying things hiring is also similar to that.  This pattern has touched all items in the market.  Even spectacles have not gone away from that.  The disposable contact lens singapore is available for even one day use that is daily disposable and two weekly disposable. Now very big market is there for this product.  Online selling has caught up with internet advertising.  The sales advertisements are roaring up with a lot of offers and rebates.  The companies are manufacturing such type of lenses with precaution, but it is the buyer to have a medical advice before putting it inside the eyes.