Building connections and creating a reliable network is not an easy task in the corporate world. There is enormous data of contacts which might not even be useful in the first place. Also, checking the authenticity and legitimacy of a business are needed. Fortunately, there is a way out – the acra singapore business profile.

What is the Acra Singapore business profile? 

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority is ACRA in short and aims at establishing a diverse and reliable business environment in Singapore. It strives to achieve synergy between the following:

  1. corporate compliance monitoring
  2. disclosure requirements
  3. statutory audit in the regulation of public accountancy

An acra singapore business profile is a report in pdf format which provides information on the business like the registration number, entity name, undertaking business activities. It also contains the date of registration and the business holder’s name(s).

How to get an Acra Singapore business profile? 

This business profile is treated as a product and needs to be purchased. A business can buy a profile for itself via BizFile+. They receive an email regarding the same within 15 days of the payment. The email contains a link that can be used to download the business profile.

Judging the authenticity of ACRA business profile 

To avoid getting stuck in fraudulent situations, businesses are encouraged to check the authenticity of the profile of their partners or other deals. Checking the authenticity of a business profile is easy. Usually, there is a QR code at the end of every business profile. One can scan it and visit the authentication page to verify the details. Hence, the ACRA business profile is a benchmark for verifying the legitimacy of a business.