Today, there are so many options available for dog bedding. Many of them are durable and washable so that you can make the space of your dog clean and hygiene. There are so many patterns are available and even you can choose the eco-friendly material for the dog beds. There are so many strong hands woven dog beds available which looks like an item of actual furniture.

Most of the dogs like to sleep in their own bed and here are some reasons given why your dog should have a separate bed.

Plenty of sleep:

A dog should have plenty of sleep and they can sleep more than 13 hours in a day. It should be an uninterrupted sleep and as like human they also have the rapid eye movement or a dream state. It should not get disturbed and allowed to have enough sleep. The human cannot concentrate on the work if they do not have plenty of sleep over the night. Thus, a dog will become tired if they do not get plenty of peaceful sleep.

Why it is important to have a separate bed for dogs?

Comfortable place:

The dog always gets in and out of the bed often. So, they need a comfortable bed to jump and easily get into the bed. If you choose a woven dog bedwill provide all comforts and easy move for the dogs. Since it is made by hands you can customize according to your dog size. It gives them all security and can take rest at anytime. Ensure your dog fits into the bed and their limbs should not be at the edge of the beds.


When you take the dog to the veterinary hospital they would suggest giving a comfortable place to the dog for sleep. Sleeping on the floor or any hard surface affects the health of the dog. So, give them a warm and comfortable bed which make them release the discomfort of pain or any other structure aliments.

The above are some reasons that should be considered to give a separate bed for your dog. It not only for the dog comfort level, even it helps you to sleep comfortably at night without the disturbance of the pets. Many would suggest to not sleep with the dogs. You can keep your dog aside in the same room with the small comfortable bed to the dog.