It’s not very early to begin planning the outdoor garden. Besides determining the right layout, working the soil & gathering supplies, the home growers must start stocking up on the seeds in the preparation for germination to make sure garden growth for the fraction of cost of the store-bought plants. Same is said for growing cannabis seeds.

Benefits of Growing the Cannabis from Seed

Although most of the indoor cultivators generally prefer growing the cannabis from clones, start from the seed for a lot of different reasons. One reason is seed’s capability to produce the “tap root” that anchors plant in a soil. The clones cannot produce tap roots (fibrous root systems) as well as are less sturdy & less capable to absorb proper nutrients. The tap roots will dig deep in the ground for water & nutrients that is valuable in the outdoor environments.

There is the higher variety of the seeds available (opposed to the clones) that is perfect for the medical patients and anyone interested in the customized cannabinoid content. Seed banks online are well known to sell the seeds from several breeders and will ship anywhere across the world, however often differ in the quality and come with risk of confiscation (since it is illegal to mail the marijuana products). For people living in the states where this is legal cultivating cannabis, the best bet is to buy seeds from the local and legal marijuana businesses. Visit head store, and you will find pipes of each size, shape, color, and design, which you can possibly desire.


Bongs are not much portable than the pipes, but the smaller models exist. The genius contraptions will range in the size from the handheld devices to huge glass rigs much taller than a few people. Bongs provide clean and refreshing hits that go through water before it enters your lungs.