Bitcoin lotto is a new game that allows users or players the opportunity to obtain Bitcoin as prizes, this game does not require have your own Bitcoin to play, as an alternative you pay for your lines in dollar bill and strive to correctly forecast the 6 numbers drawn to win the jackpot of thousand Bitcoin. As soon as the game begins some numbers will be indiscriminately drawn, the main criteria is to match as most of these randomly drawn numbers in opposition to the numbers exhibited on your ticket. In such a case if it matches then you won the prize, where the payment is in the form of Bitcoin.

 Types of Lottery games:

Bitcoin lottery is a very vast topic to be discussed it has different variations in games, though what so type of it is, you go with tickets prizes which are generally rewarded in Bitcoin.


Three types of Bitcoin lottery games are:

  1. Conventional lottery:
  • Lotto land is the first Bitcoin lottery game to approach the market. Virtual lottery space runs in a deliberately adjusted environment which acts as a protection against cheating and bluff.
  • Few players tend to dodge from this branch of lottery space instead they opt for ball drawing process which authorizes them to prove the legitimacy of the game.
  1. Provably fair:
  • Provably fair it’s a new sort of a game and those who are beginner or never know it was created by SatoshiDice , a Bitcoin dice game.
  • Technology used here is cryptography, which means irrespective of whatever gambling game you play it is sure that you will receive positive outcome.
  1. Third party software providers:

This is quite different above two games which are closer to keno than a conventional lottery game. Here winnings are not depended on the number of tickets sold, rather based on fixed odds.