Primary of all, as we have previously mentioned, parents should take this type of insurance into account. Children can cause a lot of material damage as well as many dangerous situations in which it is easy to get injured. Parents of another toddler who has twisted his armor broke his leg may apply professional indemnity insurance Singapore to us as legal guardians for compensation. Without insurance, we will be obliged to pay a claim or pay for tutors from our own funds.

Optional liability insurance: is it worth having?

Optional third-party liability insurance, if not necessary, can prove to be really profitable. They should also be considered by all owners of small pets, especially those leaving, should also take into account security in the form of a policy. You will have to pay for your bite, scratching the cat, and consequently treatment and exclusion from work or school. Another situation that should result in interest in a civil liability insurance policy is renting or owning a flat or house. Just flood your neighbor, professional indemnity insurance Singapore  and our costs are rising sky high! If we destroy the owner’s property in a rented apartment, we have to pay for it, and here again, we are exposed to high fees while covering potential liabilities. In such moments it is not difficult to get an accident, and we are responsible for any damages.

Who else should remember about liability insurance? First of all, entrepreneurs. Potentially, they can most often be called by their contractors for additional fees. These may be the result of improper performance of activities specified in the contract. We should remember that O C in private life will not only provide you with financial support in a difficult moment but also legal assistance or expert advice in complex cases. It also guarantees support during repairs of damage.