If you are willing to transact large amount of money then you may need to prevent the usage of a conventional currency. Because in order to tracks the conventional currency of any country, you may need the help of the banks. Every account holder is under surveillance when you are transacting an amount that is above the prescribed limit. But with the help of bitcoin everything becomes easy. Get take alook at the conversion of 1 btc to inr and you will really understand the importance of the bitcoin in the market.

Freedom is the key

So you may need to answer the taxation authorities of the governments thus making it hard for you to be in parallel with these producers. It will take a lifetime to clear all your pending problems with the authorities. But when you are using the Bitcoin, there is no need to worry about the surveillance because it is based on the technology called block chain. So it is good to use the 1 btc to inr to learn more about the bitcoin.

By the help of this technology, you may transacts the money without the knowledge of the third parties thus making it easy for you to transact huge amount of money in a single shot. Yet another important thing to consider before purchasing Bitcoin is the current price of the Bitcoin. Because when you are buying the Bitcoin in a lowest price in the market, there is a guaranteed profit available to the buyer without any doubt.