If you are going to buy a gaming monitor particularly for PS4 or Xbox, you will really be flooded be options available to you with amazing specifications. But with such versatile features, you can get confused about which one to buy. You need to put some of the points in mind before deciding which the best gaming monitor for xbox 1 is!

What to consider while you are buying one?

  • Resolution: Ideally you should select one with 1920×1080 resolutions; however selecting one with better image quality isn’t required for gaming.
  • Screen size: The screen size should be above 22”; however the 24” is the ideal one. This size is for the gaming preference, but when you are seeking best drawing tablets this would change.
  • Refresh rate: A gaming monitor won’t require a very high refresh rate, so you can go for monitors that don’t cost more.
  • Response time: When you getting the monitor specifically for the gaming range the response time should be lower to get better performance.

drawing tablets

Considering the drawing tablets range

There are many features of the drawing tablet to be considered, these include the function buttons, area of drawing, connecting features and more. In the go you have mainly three options as graphics tablets, which offers a stylus to draw; pen displays are hooked to the monitors and the tablet computers best for the drawing apps. The one you select is dependent on your needs and what exactly you are looking for.

The market offers a handful of tablets and monitor options but not each of them is ideal and fit for you. Make sure you go through the monitors and tablets and make a choice that is both technologically advanced and economically better. Above all make sure you buy that over some warranty to avoid any short term failures.