We are quite aware of the Narco test which is often used by the criminal investigation departments to catch the criminals. It is something that is done in a harsh manner. But the lie detection test based on the polygraph is something totally different. The polygraph test is based on the faith of treating a person with empathy rather than injecting some elements into his veins. Though both of the tests are same in their objective but are varied in their methods. The Lie Detector Test Limited uses only the polygraph lie detection test to find out the truth because they are wholly focused to do everything in an ethical manner.

polygraph lie detection test


At many times, it has been seen that people have a mistaken belief that a Narco test and a lie detection test are the same. But be very careful with the actuality, they are totally different ones in their aim. The Lie Detector Test Limited has been serving people for years with just polygraph; it has got no relationship with a Narco test.

In the case of a Narco test, the suspect is injected with certain serums which are referred to as the “truth serums”. This suddenly brings a drastic change in the person forcing him to become talkative. This process is a bit unreliable because the person still continues to speak the lies including such things that are irrelevant. So, the answers are a mixture of everything and it is very hard to find the required objective. The serum contains the component Sodium Pentothal, which only sedates the person for some time. The Narco test is usually done in the form of the blood or the urine test.These cases are very unreliable and only a few courts take them to be a reliable test. But the lie detector test using a polygraph is totally different.

It does not consider injecting any serum; because it does not have the motive to deal with unnecessary stuff. Moreover, there are just 4 to 6 receptors which are more than enough to take the test. The term “poly” refers to the multiple pulses that are generated and recorded on a paper. Usually, a polygraph records only the person’s breathing rate, pulse rate, blood pressure levels and perspiration rate. But, some of the recent polygraphs are also recording the arm and leg movement patterns in order to be more specific with the answers. Modern polygraphs are also using a technique to obtain the psycho galvanic skin reflex responses. The polygraph is the most systematic way to deal with the truth and the falsehood, so it is the only appropriate equipment.


Being professional is a very important criterion for the examiners of the lie detector test. They are finding out newer ways to deal with the private and the complex matters related to the lie detector tests. The professionals have effective communication skills by which they motivate the suspects to speak the truth. They do not use cruel practices. They are trying to handle the tests in a very delicate pattern and t please up the whole situation after the test. In the coming years, the company will prove to be a better one in the criterion of handling the cases with more and more effectiveness.


Most of the tests that are related to the judicial system of a nation are done by the means of the lie detection test at the renowned centers like the Lie Detector Test Limited. The narcotic test cannot be ever given a permission to be dealt because the practice totally goes against humanity. So, the examiners’ along with the American Polygraph Association is trying to set new standards to bring new advancement in the field of polygraph testing.