Ever thought about printing your own T-shirt? Most of us think it is cool but we never think we can actually do it. In reality, printing on T-shirts is really easy and you can do it with little help if you have the right tools. You can obtain the tools for screenprinting on T-shirts from https://www.keygadgets.it/fr/kit-serigraphie-debutants along with a beginners guide on printing.

Here we shall explain in some detail how it’s done. Remember that practice is the key to getting the perfect print so make sure to make some trials before staining your most adorable one.

Things you will need

Heres a rough list of things you will find in your beginners kit at https://www.keygadgets.it/fr/kit-serigraphie-debutants.

1- Screen plus frame

2- A light bulb

3- A lamp

4- Photo emulsion

5- Gloves

6- Squeegee

7- Ink

8- Transparency sheets

9- Squeegee

Other handy tools are also included in the kit to assist you in your printing.

Getting started

First of all, you need to select the image you want to print. So, once you have selected the image get a printout of it on your transparency. Make sure that it is black in color. Next, we need to coat the screen with emulsion. The emulsion needs to be mixed with a sensitizer before applying. You will get the details on your bottle so don’t worry. Make sure to cover the image area with the emulsion, completely and uniformly. The emulsion needs to be left in the dark for at least two hours to dry. When the emulsion dries place the transparency on it and press it with a glass or tape it down onto the screen on the emulsion side. Place the lamp over the screen exposing the image to light for about 10 to 15 minutes until blue lines appear on the screen nicely. Wash off the emulsifier and you will see your image burned onto the screen.

Print your shirt

Place your shirt flat and put the screen over the shirt. Pour a small amount of ink on the top of the screen and using the squeegee smooth it down firmly. You may want to do this running several times to make sure all ink has been pushed through onto the shirt.

Remove the screen and you are done.