When you are planning on property renovation in London or you need to finish a newly built house, you have to choose the best renovation company that will guarantee the best possible results. Finishing the interior requires many hours of precise work. Of course, you can do it yourself, if you have time and a flair for this type of work. Often, however, even if you start to finish the interior of the flat or a house yourself, after a while you realize that you might need professional help with that. And then a problem arises because have to face the choice of a renovation company. But how do you choose between so many offers? Read on to find out how to selecta solid London construction company for property renovation in London.

What to ask the owner of a London construction company during the first meeting?

There are many ways to find contractors for property renovation in London. You can search the Internet for offers or ask your friends and family for a recommendation. But when you finally find a repair company that meets your expectations and set up a meeting with the owner or representatives, in addition to negotiating the price, you should ask them some very important questions:

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How long does the company exist on the market?

It is always safer to hire a reputable company with a solid market position. Although often you have to be preparedfor paying a higher price.

What and where were the previous repairs carried out by the company?

After getting an answer to this question, you will be able to say whether the company was employed to renovate flats, offices or other premises. In addition, it is worth checking out the results of the renovation works carried out by the chosen company, at least one finished implementation.

What is the scope of employees’ skills, their specialities and practice?

Have the company or its employees obtained any certificates? This will testify to the quality of the work done.

Does the company have references?

Opinions of former clients of the company are a very important element in its functioning. If the owner of the London construction company you’re interested in doesn’t want to share any opinions on the quality of the company’s work, you should consider finding another contractor.

The approximate price of the work

This is a very important factor on which many investors base their decision whether to hire a given London construction company or not.

If the first meeting is successful and you are interested in the offer of the given renovation company, you can set up a next meeting, during which you should ask about:

  • The time frame of the works associated with your project
  • The work system, for example, whether the employees work on Saturdays, and how many hours a day do they work
  • Who supervises the employees of the company
  • The purchasing of materials. It is often the case that a London construction company provides a lot of materials or offers assistance in their selection

On the market of London property renovation there are many pseudo-professionals, who can do a bit, but eventually, it turns out that the work is not done well enough. If you learn more about a company that you would like to employ earlier, it can be more than beneficial for you. The first step would be visiting the company’s website. Find a company, that looks trustworthy to you, for example, http://sigmalondon.com/ and read all the information carefully. If you like what you see, call them!

Good London construction company – meaning what?

All the best construction companies in London employ specialists with appropriate education and, consequently, qualifications to practice. It is a very good sign if the qualifications of the employees are confirmed by a certificate or a diploma of completion of some courses or school. The experience in the London property renovation market is also important. After all, you wouldn’t want to hire a novice, would you? A professional renovation company should also employ people who are open and with whom we can easily communicate.Sometimes, during the renovation, many things do not go as planned. In such a case, the professional contractor should report everything to the client. A good employee of a renovation company should have the theoretical and practical knowledge, know the latest solutions in the construction industry and not be afraid to use them. There is one more, last feature that a good professional should have – this feature is solidity. The workers of a reliable London construction company will do their work in accordance with previous arrangements, and above all, will perform it as if they were renovating their own flats.