Once you buy a socket set, you need a proper place to store them and that is why you need to buy a storage box or chest. Not only will you find the socket instantly when you need them, you are not going to lose any of them and they will stay in perfect condition. There are various types of storage cases available on the market and you must be confused which one to buy. The following guide will help you immensely in deciding that. As for buying socket set, you can go through the genuine and detailed reviews on a popular socket on toolsduty to make the best choice.

buy a socket set

Metal Storage Case – There are various types of metal storage cases available. Some of them open like a drawer while others hand folded compartments. If you have small sockets, a drawer type is better but for large sockets, a folded on is good and it also has space for accessories. The metal storage cases can also be differentiated based on its interior. Some of them have foams while others have plastic moldings. If you have a few sockets especially the large ones, the foam can do the job for you. But for several sockets, a plastic molding one is necessary to place them in their place. Most of the socket sets come with storage case and you can find all the specifications and features of popular socket sets on https://toolsduty.com/best-socket-set/.

Travel-Friendly Case –There are some cases made or plastic or metal and they are tailor-made to be carried over to a long distance. Therefore, they come with locks so that the sockets do not come out of the folded compartment or drawer due to vibration or other scenarios. As a matter of fact, there are some travel-friendly storage cases available with wheels. They are more like a trolley and generally made u of plastic due to lightweight but they can also be of metal.

Plastic Storage Case –Plastic storage cases are sold more often than metal ones as they are lightweight and less expensive. But in comparison to metal ones, they are less durable and strong. The hinges are likely to break faster than metallic ones. Furthermore, most of the plastic storage cases do not have lock system. On the other hand, if you do not buy an expensive and high-quality metal case, it is going to get rust and corrode with time.

Furthermore, vacuum forming cases are becoming popular these days as they prevent the air entering the case and keep the sockets rust-proof. They are also less expensive and easy to carry.