Phones are not only the calling device now; it has become the essential gadget of our life. We store almost everything in our smartphone. Phones have gained the place of the nexus of our everyday life. We plan our daily schedule and store it on our phone; it acts as the device to operate net banking, we use it as the social media platform and there are hundreds of other necessities which we finish with the help of our smartphones. So, you may want to set your phone differently with amazing wallpapers, exciting themes – it is quite okay to make this device more attractive. A perfect and nice wallpaper can make your mood better when you glance at your device. This is the actual reason why customizing a phone uniquely is getting popular among the people. Different people have different ideas for customizing their wallpaper for mobile.

One simple way to change the background of your phone is to download something from different popular websites. If you cannot choose anything readymade, there are other options too. You can make your own wallpaper yourself according to your own choice and own preference. Let’s check here in this article how you can create your own wallpaper using an app.

  1. First, you have to set a plain canvas for the wallpaper of your phone. Here, you need to know the actual dimension or the pixel size of your phone screen. Now, you have to choose an image which you want to set as the wallpaper. Edit that image according to the screen size and shape accordingly. Now, you have got your new wallpaper. If you want it more dramatic, you can apply various filters on your selected image. You can select a different wallpaper for the lock-screen and the home screen. On the other hand, single wallpaper also can do the job perfectly. Since the home screens are loaded with big sized applications, you can go for the simpler one.
  2. There are options which allow you to set wallpaper timer for an array of selective images. It means you can set up for different wallpapers which will change automatically after a certain period of time interval. You have the options to choose a set of images from the gallery and can set the timer. You can set the timer for 1 hour which means the image will change repeatedly after 1 hour.
  3. There are some applications compatible with the mobile phone, which offer their users lots of designing and painting tools. Here you can design your own wallpaper for mobile. From the background shade to a graphically designed wallpaper.