Security is the basic right every human being posses. We all want to be secure from one or the other things. The thing to which we are most obsessed is the security; it can be security of life or security of property. Since the security of life is a very sensitive subject and we don’t have complete control over it, we can make sure that our property is secure; so that nobody could breach our privacy enter our property without prior permission. has come with great products so that you well safe and secure inside your property. Its fence spikes, wall spikes etc. protect your property from all threat. The website has number of spikes to choose from, the variety is huge and the quality served is superior. One of such superior spikes is Anti Climb Spikes- Prikla45.

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 Anti Climb Spikes- Prikla45

This anti climb spikes makes sure that the unwanted humans and animals could not breach your property. After you have installed it your garden and your property is completely safe. This anti climb spikes can be installed on plain as well as contoured surface. Each strip is of 450*45mm and the height of spikes is 15mm.

The installation process of these spikes is every easy. There are pre-formed holes for fixing, this allow easy fixing of screws at their place. It screw and nail fixing could not be done then it can be done using a suitable adhesive. Pink grip adhesive can be most suitable for it.

The spikes are weatherproof. Although, these spikes are not appropriate for flat roofs which are covered with asphalt. There are 3 different colors available for you to choose from. The colors available are brown, black and silver grey.

Anti climb spikes are sold in pairs. There are three different categories in quantity. First one is 1-5 and its price is 6.65 pounds plus extra tax. The second category is 6-20 and its price is 6.15 pounds plus extra tax. And if you want more than 21 spikes you can call their number which us 01273475500.

When you purchase this product you will get a free warning sign with it. And its super value 10 pack can cover up to 4.5 meters.

Product Review

All the customers who have bought these anti climb spikes are happy with and living their life happy without any tension of security. Their garden is safe and unwanted animals like-cat, mouse etc. are kept away from their garden. Most of the customers are fully satisfied with the product,

So, if you want to make your garden or lawn free from unwanted humans and animals then go buy it and use it to live freely.