Have you ever noticed those posts your friends keep sharing on their Facebook profile? Those posts are viral. These viral posts can be anything from articles, videos, pictures or even memes. The topics can also be anything under the sun; from political posts to pictures of cuddly pets. These posts can be very entertaining. You can consume hours upon hours just skimming through viral content and not mind the time. But what exactly do these posts have that make them viral?

A follow up question to that would be how one can consider a post viral. Nobody really knows how to make a post viral. One cannot actually predict if a post will become viral. There are too many factors to consider. One thing’s for sure though, those viral posts can be very entertaining indeed. If you’re looking for your daily fix of viral posts, Krazy Wolf has got you covered. Covering topics about culture, life, entertainment, humour and those posts that just make you go “OMG!”, you’ll never run out of satisfyingly addicting posts to read or watch.

Keeping up with the trend

Anything that’s in trend nowadays will certainly spark interest in people, especially millennials. Whether it’s a post about their favourite actors and actresses, singers, movies, new music or basically anything that relates to pop culture; these people will definitely show interest. They will go ahead and read the articles, watch the videos and probably even tell their friends about it. They will then share that certain viral post via their social media accounts. This in turn will create a cycle of sharing until that post becomes viral.

Fun times

Everybody loves humorous posts. Those who don’t may lack a funny bone. Anyway, people really do love watching funny videos or reading funny articles. These videos are usually compilations about failed attempts at something or doing something crazy. Whatever the content of these posts, they’re quite entertaining enough for people to share them. Memes can also fall under this category since they are really funny.

Life in retrospect

Posts about life can also go viral. It can be either positive or negative posts. From inspiring stories to sad tragedies, these posts are sure to stir up your emotions. And that’s probably one of the reasons why these kinds of posts go viral. They are able to connect to people on an emotional level. That emotional connection is what causes people to share the post. And as you would know by now, sharing leads to the post becoming viral.

There are a lot of viral posts floating around the internet. As to how these viral posts came to be, no one really knows. One thing’s for sure though, these posts can affect people emotionally. That’s probably one of the reasons why they got viral in the first place. These posts might evoke happiness, sadness, anger or any other emotion. Through that effect, people relate to these posts on a certain level and are compelled to share it. Becoming viral or having your post become viral can easily be done overnight. It takes being able to reach the right person/s to share your post. And so, a ripple effect is now set in motion.